What Is the Kansas Education Enrichment Program (KEEP)?

Have you noticed that your child has struggled with his or her schooling in the last couple of years, are their grades showing signs of decline, do they seem to be falling behind their peers?
If this is the case you may be asking yourself, why is my child struggling? The answer to this question that concerns parents and education professionals across the country, is the global pandemic.

The Corona virus pandemic has had many lasting impacts on society, some of which we are still trying to determine the long-term effects. The sudden academic decline over the last few years is a direct result of the pandemic and negative impact it’s had on our education system. Since the end of the pandemic and the lifting of restrictions teachers and instructors have witnessed firsthand the impact that the corona virus pandemic has had on students of all grade levels across the United States.

Fortunately for our students the federal government and the state of Kansas are providing aid to all Kansas residents that meet the need of academic support or resources through the Kansas Education Enrichment Program also known as KEEP.

Through KEEP qualifying parents or guardians that are residents of the state of KS are awarded up to one thousand dollars per eligible child. This one-thousand-dollar education credit may be used for a variety of academic services including the need for in-home tutoring.

ABC In-Home Tutors is Approved by the Kansas Education Enrichment Program


Is Your Child Eligible for the Kansas Education Enrichment Program?

KEEP is available to students who are between the ages of 5 (as of August 31, 2022) and 18 years old (as of May 31, 2023). The Kansas Education Enrichment Program also provides credits to students with disabilities through the age of 21 and students above the age of 18 years of age who are still in high school, with proof of active school enrollment in a K-12 program.

The federal and state funding for KEEP is quite large and shouldn’t run out anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean you should wait to enroll. Give your child every academic advantage, enroll your child in ABC In Home tutoring today at no cost to you with the Kansas Education Enrichment Program.

Click to learn more about the Kansas Education Enrichment Program or to see if your child qualifies.


Enroll in an ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring Program Today!

We make the enrollment process straight forward and easy. We start by scheduling an interview with our ABC In-Home Tutoring Staff, parents, and the student. We first assess the needs of the student, identifying the specific areas that they are currently struggling in. Next, we work with parents and students to determine which ABC In-Home Tutor will be the best fit and how often and how long each in-home science tutoring session should be.

Once a student’s tutoring program has been determined one-on-one tutoring will begin! Every student’s progress is documented, ensuring their targeted knowledge building goals are met.

If you think your child may be falling behind or struggling with his or her academic skills, schedule a consultation with one of our education coordinators to start the ABC Tutors In-Home Tutoring enrollment and interview process.

We offer science tutoring year-round; spots fill up quickly so be sure to call 913-961-7800 today!


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