Our Program

ABC Tutors Programs and Why It Works!

ABC Tutors is committed to the academic and personal development of our students. Our tutors are chosen not only for their ability to provide the highest quality academic assistance, but also for their ability to be a role model, to mentor and to inspire.

At ABC Tutors we believe that every student has the ability to succeed. Whether the goal is to achieve higher grades or to obtain top scores in standardized tests, students benefit from one-to-one instruction. 

Consider ABC Tutors’ Benefits:

  • Tutoring Works!
    There is overwhelming research to support the benefits of one-to-one tutoring in improving students’ grades, study skills, scores on standardized tests, and confidence levels.
  • Qualified Tutors
    Our tutors come highly recommended by their schools and colleagues, and ABC Tutors instructors have passed extensive professional, personal, and criminal background checks similar to those required of your child’s teachers.
  • Attention to Individual Learning needs
    An experienced tutor will break down schoolwork assignments into manageable portions so that the student is successful at each step. Different teaching strategies can be used to the best advantage before frustrations develop. 
  • Convenient & Flexible
    Because ABC Tutors is not center-based, it is often the best solution for busy families. Lesson times are arranged to fit into busy family schedules. Time is not wasted dropping off, waiting, and picking up students at a learning center. Extra-curricular activities can be more easily coordinated while the student receives needed academic support in his or her home.
  • Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
    Nothing improves self-esteem like success. At ABC Tutors, we believe there is no reason for a student to struggle and become frustrated or discouraged with new or difficult subjects. Our tutors give students an invaluable resource: they are there to answer every question, to explain every detail, and to give the students confidence they can understand any subject they put time and effort into. Again, nothing improves self-esteem like success. 
  • Study Skills & Academic Organization
    Our tutors help your child organize his or her work and improve overall study skills. The program covers time management, note-taking and note-using skills, studying for tests, and test taking strategies.


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